Satirical birds chirping
And crows carrying fogs of chemical waste to the essence.
Ive managed to embrace the owl, the bark of its glare, warning me-

Time disco funking to a kriss kross generation
Im ass backwards these days, five minutes feeling like three hours

Who cave a spirit beneath my eyes
And how im programmed to barely miss this miracle, yelling,
Show me light! Or give me courage to bare through black-

Brown sugar

Synonymous, semi- clapped
Anonymous, skeleton smack

Im concrete skin and stale whisper from cracked lips, holding back a rejoice –
And angels rebuke my shy away attitude, i blame all the wrong selves- in fear of a time
Life adult
Twice the child
I been student
Who living in time- yet me still wonder why i trail tree steps back,
A honey at odd holds the four chambers my slumbered chest want to lack, in a way i never feared ..
the slack from a womans breast .



look at you brown skin lady me not know what to do!

But smother you in stale truth
Recycled funk just dont rub off and weve got generations of captivity making algae our dungeoned capsules
My hands are cold, your stare bring heat
my thoughts coaling light from the sweat of my pineal
You kiss its pine cone ocean spray demanding me to swim your seas of cease my tongue convulsing in seizures